В Швейцарии больше невозможно спрятаться от налогов

В Швейцарии больше невозможно спрятаться от налогов In Switzerland no longer possible to hide from the tax

Swiss edition Sonntagzeitung Sunday – May 24 – published sensational news that the country’s authorities have laid out the network information about the foreign (including Russian) companies and personalities who have fallen at home under suspicion of tax evasion.

Such a move by the Swiss authorities associated with the peculiarities of the local legislation, according to which, upon the request of tax authorities, they are obliged to notify the person or entity. However, the sending of such notice – troublesome, because they do not always manage to locate these individuals. To accelerate and simplify the procedure, from the end of April received a request for information published on the official web portal of the government.

The list shall indicate the name and surname for natural persons or the company name and country. Other information on the website will not be published. Those on the source of the request, there is a month during which they have to inform the Swiss authorities the address or contact information of the official representative.

Among the Russian companies mentioned in the requests, including: “Samaranefteorgsintez”, “Togliatti” holding company “Siberian Business Union”, “Neftegazindustriya”, as well as the company’s “Cut Kiselevsky” and “SDS-Ugol”.